Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birds on a tree

I painted this painting in two days over a weekend in 2007. I saw this pic in internet and wanted to paint it. What I like most in this painting is the red flowers on the branches. The detailing of those flowers took the maximum time. I also liked the strokes of yellow on the birds. The birds remind me of the sparrows that I used to see as a kid. I wonder where all those sparrows have gone now. The sparrows were brought in by the British when they came to India (that’s what I heard) and their count has decreased considerably now  I used to throw bits of biscuits and grains (when I get my hand on them) to the sparrows at the opposite house’s roof from our window.


Chandrasekar said...

your paintings are really nice...

Indhu said...

thanks Chandrasekar!

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